Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Many Adventures

Before actually going "on the road" properly, we went to Shellharbour, about an hour's drive south of Sydney (yep, the place we went last Christmas) for a weekend with 26 of our family. This little guy thinks he's going to put a leash on ME...not a chance, big boy! His name is Campbell and he's my dad's brother's daughter's son. He's only 2 years, so I wanted to be nice to him....better to walk away than do something that's NOT nice, isn't it?

I just KNEW we'd finally have a meeting of the minds and he'd go his way and I'd go mine.

Do you remember this beautiful beach from last year's photo of Shellharbour? It was mid-May and fairly coolish, but who can resist a walk with their dad?

And then there was this dude who thought he could "outplay" me (they will all learn once I hit my stride!)
Back in the van for a rest (who was I trying to kid) - pardon the pun! The kids just adore me...there's my dad's eldest son's daughter whose name is Georgie and she is just lovely to me...and Sam and Ben
who are my dad's cousin's daughter's sons. They also revere me. Haha! I only give you these little family-link descriptions to keep your heads on the hop!

This was just a mini-adventure so everyone could give me hugs and kisses before we headed out into the big world for the rest of this year.
I'm starting to get the hang of this 'blogging' thing again...more coming soon...love from Colin Harries xx


  1. Colin
    Gweat to heaw fwom you..I was wondewing whewe you wewe. It's cleaw that the whole family has a n adowation of Colin society going, as it should be. Out play you???what was that kid thinking, hehehe
    Hope to see lots mowe of you and youw adventoowes..that beach looks gweat
    smoochi ekisses

  2. This is just sooooo pawesome!

    What fun WE have ahead fur us!


  3. It looks like you're making lots of hooman pup friends, Colin! We're glad you set that one straight about leashing you up!
    Your beach photo is just beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Colin mate, whats this.....hanging out with little humans, crikey! Just don't let them pull your tail ok!!