Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Adventure Begins!

Well, well, well (I can hear you all chortle)...he's baaack!

Lots of things have kept my paws off the 'puter, mostly that my mum and dad and I have been packing and travelling and were without a 'routine' (whatever that means - it's a "mum" word). We're at Auntie Barbara's house (well, her front yard) in Brisbane - that's in Queensland, Australia, about 1000km/600 miles from home, for my o/s friends. Auntie Barb has her little girl whose name is Calista. She is a Blue Cattle Dog and is very nice to me. There are lots of photos coming up in future posts, taken on our journey to here, but I decided I'd like to START AT THE START and bring you up to date in some sort of order (bein' an orderly sorta bloke).
I was nostalgic when I posted these photos 'cos this first one shows us having morning tea in the front of our real house on 18 APRIL. That's my Uncle Stevie and Auntie Linda and Uncle Bryan (the dad of Noah and the sissies) is on the stool in the front left. This was taken when they helped us move our furniture into the Uncle Stevie's furniture storeroom.

I had friends to visit while my mum was cleaning the empty house...Chloe and I got into trouble because we were walking on the clean floors! I KNOW we had been pulling that broom thing around, but that's what they'd all been doing with it. I just can't understand why WE were the ones in trouble.

Our back lounge room and kitchen sure looked empty. That's my mum in her working clothes, telling Chloe and I not to walk on THAT floor! Where did she think we should go to?

My mum and dad's dear friend, Barbie (who is the one I LUV 'cos I used to stay with her if my mum and dad went away without me) came to help us with the final cleaning. She turned away from my camera because she had her "cleaning clothes" on, she said, but I still don't understand why they all bother with those things called clothes.

Woops! There she is again (Barbie, I mean) going the OTHER way...boy she was hard to photograph!
Hooked up and ready to pull out. It was 25 APRIL and the "tenants" were moving in the next day so we had to go. (It must be Mr and Mrs Tenant who live there now, as that's what my mum and dad kept calling them). I was already in the car so I didn't get left behind.

We moved 10 minutes "up the road" to stay with my Uncle Stevie and Auntie Linda (in their back yard) until my dad finished work on 1st MAY - they call it "retired" but I don't think he's got new tyres on his feet! They look like the same ones to me.
I asked my mum to take a photo of me inside the caravan which is my new home. Apparently this is where I will be living for the next "X" number of years, but I'll be with my mum and dad, so I don't care where we are. It's obvious I will be living rough while we're on the road, though.

The final photo for today. It was rough living in Auntie Linda's back yard...she and my mum and dad had been 'having coffee' (I think that's another way of saying they were squatting on their hindquarters just like I was doing). I do like having my mum and dad at home with me all the time - but they told me not to expect to be the "centre of attention" all the time...WHY NOT?
So, my dear's all started.

I promise to work harder now to show you "around Australia"....
Love from Colin Harries xxxooo


  1. Hello from Calista who is trying to answer you.

  2. Well little cousin Colin you will have to be more careful around the cement pond in future. All the family has had a turn at falling in that water hole and my big sister forgot to swim bravely like you did. I guess that blue plastic pool cover tricks a lot of mountain dogs hey?

  3. Colin mate, good to hear from you. I wish you were still here in the mountains. Lucy is bugging me something fierce. I need you here to distract her.
    I knew you'd love having Maz & Big J around all the time.
    Don't be fooled buddy. You really are the centre of attention hehehe.


  4. Your spot inside the caravan doesn't look to tough to take, Colin! It looks pretty plush and comfy to us! You look like you're having a great time!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hi Colin - great to see some photos already! I agree - your spot in the caravan looks very comfy and I'm with you - so long as you are with Mum & Dad you are always home. Keep enjoying yourself!

  6. This is going to be soooo much fun!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  7. Cool post Colin. We'll be watching for more!
    Finni xx