Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost On The Road

I say we're "almost" on the road because although we ARE, we don't seem to be getting very far. This is us visiting with my Nanna and Poppy for a few days. They live in Lithgow (in New South Wales, Australia) which is only about a half hour's drive west of our real home, but we did want to spend time with them - particularly me, because they love me so much (well, Nanna does, and I'm still working on Poppy who loves me underneath it all, I'm sure). My dad did a great job of backing the caravan into their back yard through gates that left him only 3 inches on either side. My mum stands behind the van and has a walkie-talkie and she tells him if he's about to get too close to anything, and I sit behind him and kiss his ears because he's too busy to push me away.

Here's us in their back garden. Nanna Ruth was just about to go and be an umpire for lawn bowls. I think it was a pretty big-time game because she had her new outfit on. Poppy doesn't much like photos, but I stand near him and I know that cheers him up.

One day we went for a drive to a place called Hassan's Walls (near Lithgow). My dad had to hold me tight because it was VERY high where we were...but it was so beautiful looking back east towards the Blue Mountains, which is where our real home is.

And then it was my mum's turn to hold me tight because we were still at Hassan's Walls looking to the west this time...which is just as vast. Behind those mountains the land flattens out into farming and sheep and cattle country. There'll be more photos of that sort of country as we travel along, I know.

Back to the east again...and they still wouldn't let me run from rock to rock - I dunno why!!

So, this is today's mini-adventure. I'm working hard to get you up to where we are, but I keep finding interesting photos of myself, and can't resist showing you.
Until next time...love from Colin Harries xx


  1. Colin
    I had to laugh..you haven't gone vewy faw, heheh..sometimes the best things awee vewy close by. Spending time wif youw Nana and Papa is vewy impawtant and lots of fun I'm suwe. Mommi would have pwobably wun wight into that house twying to dwive youw cawavan..Gweat job pawking..I'm suwe you helped too.
    The views awe bootiful, thank you fow showing us a pawt of the wowld we've nevew seen
    smoochie kisses

  2. Your Nanna and Poppy sure have great views over their back fence!
    Mom helps dad back up our barn trailer sometimes that's full of beams and they just shout to each other! You're hoomans are much smarter with walkie talkies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Colin mate,
    The photos are fantastic. We've never even heard of that place and it's so close to us.
    You wouldnt believe what happen this morning matie. B was driving to the supermarket and our car caught of fire. We no longer have a white Berlina Wagon...its now black ash.

    Dont worry, he's ok.

    Noah x