Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been absent

Hello everyone. I've had blog problems that come and go...and have had Noah's mum and dad helping to find a fix! As you can see, I am currently ON, but that may or may not remain the case. So, I'll spend some time today thinking about nice things to show you and hopefully will be able to put something up for you Harries. Oh, by the way, the "big trip" is definitely getting closer because our house is in a shambles. If I don't move quickly enough my mum will wrap me in tissue and put me in a packing case...C.xx

Friday, February 6, 2009

I didn't know about holidays

We went to Shellharbour (1 hour's drive south of Sydney) for ten days in our caravan. My mum and dad said that soon we won't have to come home again because we'll be 'on the road' for as long as we like as they'll be retired and won't have to go to work. (I don't go to work at all, so I don't understand any of this). Anyway, I thought you might like to see some of my holiday shots. I have lots and lots of lovely photos that show our wonderful beaches, plus me being very hunky, but mum says I have to show just a few at a time, otherwise people will get sick of me. (NOBODY EVER gets sick of me - and I've been adopted for a whole 5 months now).

I wonder if all these kids are gonna be 'on the road' with us too? I wasn't brave enough to ask, in case my mum and dad said "yes". I think they were just visiting to our caravan for the day because I heard them call mum and dad 'Uncle John' and 'Aunty Marilyn' and they kissed us all goodbye at the end of the day. They were good fun though and were very kind to me (strange - EVERYONE is very kind to me).

I think this photo from the front of our caravan is nice and shows the ocean in the background. Summer is wonderful for the beach...and it seems strange to me when I think of my northern hemisphere friends in the snow.

We had lots of visitors...neighbours came with their parents for drinks and dinner. I've just learned that I may not be the only one in the world with a mum and dad who think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. (I had a friend who read this and said that is a very Aussie saying - the sliced bread thing. Is that true or am I a student of international languages?)

Ah! FINALLY, just me and my dad. Isn't the water at Shellharbour boat harbour clean and beautiful. It was certainly cool on my toes.

This is me leading dad over the rocks (he has only two legs so can't run as fast as I can, and I also think he's quite old). That's our caravan park in the background and the water wasn't covering the rocks at this time of the day.

Dad said I was heavy to tow up the hill, so I suggested that I get out and have a run anyway. I actually think I might be doing ALL of the work, but it really is great fun to be out and 'on the road'. Wheee!

What about this photo? Just after I did the posing/looking handsome thing, we went running out onto this beach and I chased duck-things and got all wet and sandy and my mum insisted that I be dried out before being allowed back in my trailer. Beautiful place, huh?! It's only about 2 kms from our caravan park.