Monday, January 5, 2009

My new ride

Remember I said I was going travelling all around Australia with my mum and dad? Well...they want to take their pushbikes but don't want to leave me while they're out riding -- so, their very creative fix for that was to buy me a trailer. I think I'm going to love it!! And we can have picnics because they can load the lunch into my trailer and I won't mind.


  1. You're a brave lad Colin. We'd freak out in that thing. You're daddy looks very pleased with himself hee hee. Have fun.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  2. Colin make sure you pack Dad and Mums scotch for those picnic days, you know how they like their drink, I'm going to miss you mate, but we will catch up next week at Shellharbour. See you there Dawson

  3. oooh if they pack the lunch in your trailer - you can eat it all before they notice!
    It looks like fun, but i think we would jump out.

    Miss Ellie and Baz

  4. Hi Colin - I'm Alf - nice to meet you! I'm a pal of Noahs from across the pond! I love your trailer - I'd love one of those - I could look out of the windows and be driven around! If you get over to England - bring the trailer - I'd love a go!

    Have a great time touring.

    Alf and Mindy