Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Aussie Summer

I can run fast, even though it's 40 degrees celcius in Sydney on Christmas Day. Wot's 40 degrees C in 'real' language...well, my dad says it's almost 100F...don't know what that all means, but it sounds very clever, doesn't it?

This is my new family's family (howzat for a description)...on Christmas Day in Sydney. My Auntie Sue is on the left (she's my dad's cousin) and that's her daughter and grandsons and my dad in the crazy striped shirt. Can't help but comment on the difference in the weather in photos I've just seen from my other new mum showed me where the northern hemisphere is...she says it's a long, long way away. Perhaps I wouldn't be very good in the snow. Perhaps I'm really a warm-weather dog, although I do own a Drizabone (that's an Aussie-drover-kind-of-coat, cut down to my size)!

This is me and my dad outside Auntie Sue's house in Sydney on Christmas Day. Cousin Jett (remember him with the one eye who was in the Lake Lyell photos with me) and you can just see our caravan and Nissan 4wd across the road. We're ready to go home after spending five days with Auntie Sue and Uncle Harry.

Waddya call my Cousin Jett's mother's daughter's son? Well, that's him trying to fight me for the chair. His name is Ben and he's 2 yrs. I'm older so I get the chair, I told him.


  1. Hey Colin
    I think we're seeing you tonight at the Leura Pub. We can discuss your blog and how well it's going.


  2. I agree should get the car. My mom think it is quite amusing seeing your dad in shorts at christmas time....I live on Vancouver Island which is about as west as you can go in Canada....and we don't get very much snow usually....but this year we got too mcuh. But I did come from London ONTARIO SO I do love the snow.

  3. HI Colin

    We are quite envious that you are having good weather with loads of sun. The snow has melted where we are in UK now and it is all muddy again.

    Thanks for popping over to see us again. We are receiving you comments just fine, thank you.

    Have a good week.

    Molly and Tafft

  4. Pack your Drizabone coat and come to Connecticut and enjoy some snow, Colin! We bet you'd really like it! It's cold but fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I think that only the beastliest of creatures get the furniture, and look... that human pup is naked and furless! You automatically win the beast contest there.

  6. Colin...pleased to meet ya!!! Our sweet Noah sent us over to ur bloggie...we feel like we know ya from his videos of you guys going nutso and doin' chasies...

    We're three terriers from the States...we have Stanley, a 1 year old Dale.., Scruffy, a 2 year old wiry fox terrier...and me a girlie Lakeland terrier. I rule the roost around here, keepin' my bros outta trouble...stop by our bloggie and meet us!!!

    Terrier wags!!!

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stan!!!

  7. Hello Colin
    I'm a fwiend of Noah and his a mattew of fact i'm heading ovew thewe to help nuwse Willow and hew poowly toof..,but I digwess..I would like to be youw fwiend too..I saw the video of you doing zoomies wif the leuwodales..WOW! what fun..I'd love to do that
    hope to tlak to you soon
    smoochie kisses

  8. Hello Colin! Just dropping in from Noah's to say hi! Hope the weather gets cooler for you soon.

  9. Hi Colin! We came over from Noah's place! It's very nice to meet you!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches