Friday, January 9, 2009

My Life as a Harries - am I havin' fun yet?

We went to Lake Lyell for a weekend. It's only an hour's drive west of our home in the Blue Mountains (maybe 2 hours west of Sydney) and we met with other friends there who also have caravans. My cousin, Jett, was staying with us for the weekend, so he came along as well. He's very old and has an eye missing, but he's quite handsome when you get to know him - that's him with the checked coat on, sitting with my mum, while I was trying to get her to get up and play with me instead.

Here's me with my Uncle Adrian. He's the one who made mum go and get me from the adoption place. My full name is Colin Adrian Harries - and Uncle Adrian doesn't even mind if I put white fur on his black shirt when I sit on his lap. Do ya think it's significant that most of my time is spent sitting on people's laps...or on the seat next to ya think they luv me?!

I didn't know how much responsibility I would have - looking after my dad all the time when he has to have a nap.

This is our caravan site at Shell Harbour van park. Mum and dad don't really trust me yet - they think I might try to get out to go back to the adoption place (NOT A CHANCE), so they designed a collapsible fence to take with us. Here's me and my mate, Dawson, whose mum and dad also have a caravan and often travel with us. Dawsie isn't really too keen on me, but the parents put us together to play and hope we'll learn to love each other (I luv him though, because I luv EVERYBODY). Perhaps Dawsie doesn't like me much because his mum does - that's her with me in our caravan.

I went on my first holiday in our big caravan and we walked on Shell Harbour beach (about an hour's drive south of Sydney). It's going to be such fun when we are really on our way around Australia - and I am going to have such a suntan!!


  1. Hey Colin,

    We are friend of Noah's and want to say welcome to DogsWithBlogs, and the wonderful world of blogging :) I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :)


    Opy & Charlie

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  3. Hi Colin

    We are enjoying reading all about your adventures. Staying in your own pawsonal caravan sounds awesome and walking along the beach is just the best!

    Happy weekend.

    Molly and Taffy.

    PS. Our hoomans have met Noah's hoomans!!!

  4. In fact we have met them too. Get B to tell you about the "boot incident"

  5. We sure wish we could sit on our hoomans lap like you, Colin! Mom says we'll crush her! Imagine?!
    Mom is drooling looking at your beach! She said it looks so inviting!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Colin bud,
    Your blog's coming along in leaps and bounds and you're making some new maties. Good for you!!

    Noah & the girls

  7. wow are a very lucky dog...first of all for getting adopted by a great family...and now you get to travel....i cant wait to read about your adventures....

  8. What a fantastic life. We look forward to seeing where you go next.

    Karensbrae Terriers