Monday, March 15, 2010

When we were heading home for Christmas

I thought you might be interested in seeing a bit of the countryside we travelled through when we moved from Emerald in Central Queensland, to our 'holiday' stopover in South West Rocks (on our way home to the Blue Mountains for Christmas).
We spent an overnight at the base of a mountain not far out of Emerald. It's called "TheVirgin Rock" and you can see why, I think. The mountain has eroded and left the image (entirely natural).
Can you see The Virgin Mary on the left of the photo?
The countryside is flat and dry and the roads are STRAIGHT. The photos below are of our second night camp spot in a little town called Meeandarah. Very isolated, but the site (supplied by the local Council in a park) had water and electricity for our van at a cost of $5 for three nights. It's actually $5 for the first night and the next two nights are free

Looking from our van to the "town centre".
The river behind our van was particularly beautiful.
That's our van on the right of the photo. There was only one other van in the area.
Do hope you enjoyed the little "travel-dogue" from Colin Harries

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  1. We do see the Virgin in the Virgin rocks!
    You sure have the best adventures, Colin!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch