Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hello everyone! It's coolish and drizzly rain today - Autumn in the Blue Mountains in Australia will do that I s'pose. Mum has put the heaters on, so it's a good time to sit in the warmth and say g'day to you. Last night, my dad found some mobile phone photos to show me, so I want to share them with you.

This is my very most precious photo. My mum and dad said I must keep it very safe and close to my heart, cos it's a photo of Jack Harries, who crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2007, before my mum and dad brought me home. My mum said he was my 'older-brother' and that I would have LUVVED him very much and he would have been very kind to me, even when I was being a nuisance.

My dad and my Uncle Stevie went to a motorcycle show last month and there was "Bundy" on a motorbike. Bundy is an Australian 'blue cattle dog' and rides with Tex. My mum and dad know Tex (he was a member of their motorcycle club for a while). They told me they would NEVER do this to me...'cos they don't approve of putting me (or Bundy or anyone) in danger.

I tried to tell my mum that standing on a chair in a cafe is dangerous, but she said she wouldn't let me fall. It was November 2008 and I had only just come to live with my mum and dad and we went out for coffee with Noah and his sissies. I was a bit shy with them then. NOT NOW THO! When they visited our house for dinner last night, their mum took a video of them and me 'rumbling'...perhaps Noah will share the video with you soon 'cos he does that sort of thing really well.

LOOK AT 'EM ALL! We were out with four of 'em at one time and maybe I will admit to being just a TEENSY-WEENSY bit of a 'fraidy-cat'...but they're really cool mates now and I can't for the life of me think why I was worried!
Hope you think that 'old photos' are as interesting as 'new stuff'. Anyway, avagoodun...(do ya understand 'Strine'? It's an Aussie way of saying "Australian") - and I just wished that you "Have a Good One". The world seems to think that we drop some letters off our words, but I dunno 'bout that... Love from Colin Harries xx


  1. Crikey my butt looks big in that last photo.

    Noah x

  2. We sure wish you could have met Jack, Colin! We wish we could have too!
    We love the motorcycle patches all over Bundy's coat but we don't ride on dad's motorcycles. Dad is a nutcase about keeping them clean and Heaven forbid we put a muddy paw on one of them! Mom says it's best this way because we remain safe!
    Hey, Colin - we understood your Strine! You didn't have to translate for us!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hello Colin, we read about your family's get together on Noah's blog and wanted to come by and say woooooooof! Wow, we're amazed by your photos. Your country offers tons of beautiful places.

    Oh we love the photo of the header. I Momo used to get a ride in the buggy thing. I miss that!

    Momo & Pinot

  4. Hi Colin, I promise to follow your blog regularly for my servant Paul. I know Paul will miss your Dad while he and Marilyn are on their grey nomad happy trails - he will miss their bike rides!!

  5. Hi colin,
    you look great in the caravan it suits you.
    this is my first message to you so hope you
    like it. lots of love nanna ruth and pop.

  6. hi colin. hope you and mum and dad had a good
    trip down to Springwood,, and hope the weather
    was better than when you left. did you endjoy
    your stay with nan and pop and what aabout the
    lovely breakie, yummy wasn't it. Don't except
    that every morning. lots of love Nan & Pop.